Pick The Version That Fit For You

If you don’t need any special features, then the LITE version is enough to serve you well. You also get new updates for lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I use Lite version, do you support me?

Absolutely Yes, we will support you too for Lite version, and the supporting will be processed by WordPress plugin board, or open us a ticket, our Staff will allocate to support your question.

What is migration feature?

Migration is a feature for Ultimate Media On The Cloud Pro Version. With that feature you could migrate your current WordPress assets to the cloud and replace current WordPress assets URL with the cloud URL. By that, cloud storage service will serve the bandwidth for loading medias.

How about if I face an issue while installing the plugin?

If you have any issue while installing the plugin into your hosting website, please contact us for urgent support, we will allocate resource to help you resolve it.

Which version will fit me?

Actually, if your requirement does not require the Migration feature or any Pro features as listed above, then the Lite version will be the best fit for you, you don’t have to purchase it for using and download it for free of charge.

Is it lifetime purchase?

Yes, by purchasing the Pro version, you just have to pay once, and you will get free update to newer version, long term support in just a small amount.

Is it easy for upgrading from Lite to Pro?

If you are using Lite version, later on when you decide to upgrade to pro, it will be easy for you to switch on. After you purchased the Pro build, download the zip and install it as normal WordPress plugin, then active the plugin and de-active the Lite version, that’s all!

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