Multiple Languages

Support multiple languages across the world, you could choose your native language to get easy to work with UCM Files Manager 

Flexible Look and Feel

Default theme

Dark Blue

Light Blue

Dark Gray

Windows 10

You won’t feel boring while working with UCM Files Manager by switching between the pre-defined Templates. Access to the plugin settings and choose the right template you love then save, that is!

LocalStorage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc…

Easy to manage your hosting files, either manage your Cloud Storage Files such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean and other supported platforms. You can Bulk Upload, Create, Edit, Remove files or folders.

Zip/Unzip file without login to hosting Cpanel, download your zip file easily.

Code / Text Editors

Inline Code / Text Editors allow you to directly edit your file or source code without downloading it into your local machine, support Code Syntax Checker and Highlight your code languages with vary of languages supported.

Powerful Photo Editors

You can edit your Photo & Images in online mode and direct save it on demand. With powerful features integrated, you will feel like you have Photoshop at your local machine. Try it out today!

Additional Advanced Settings

  • Hidden path.
  • Auto import into wordpress media.
  • Cloud Storage upload default permission.
  • Users & Roles.
  • Max file size, file type filter.

UCM Files Manager is FREE so you can download and install it into your website without any charge*

Change Logs

== Version 1.1 ==

== Version 1.0 ==

    • Init First release.
    • Cloud Support Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and DigitalOcean Space.
    • LocalStorage disk space explorer.
    • File types filter, multiple languages.
    • Trash / untrash.
    • Role and restrictions.
    • Inline image editors.
    • Text/Code editors.
    • Import wordpress media.
    • Hidden paths.

Checkout at github