Finally at the day 17 July 2019 the product Ultimate Media On The Cloud had been launched successfully. We thank to our team to do the hard work on our first child product. First release of Ultimate Media On The Cloud will support WordPress, the most popular PHP Blog/Site script in the world.

Ultimate Media On The Cloud for WordPress

With Ultimate Media On The Cloud it will help customer to manage all their site medias (images, docs, …) to the cloud such as: Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean (we will launch in next release),… and more we will extend the development in the future. So, what is the benefits of moving medias to the cloud? it’s easy to answer, first of all you will save your hosting space, reduce the loading state of your site by load medias from another cloud services, save your bandwidth is ofcourse. Beside that, the hosting of a website is not lifetime, customer has their website but the website is not live all the time in one hosting provider, by the time month to month, year to year… the website will get bigger everyday by the images, download docs stored at the hosting spaces, terrible of moving a billion of file over 100GB to another hosting provider! So by moving medias to cloud (S3, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean for example) they can live there forever and by moving your site, you just move the source code, database and the source code are not getting bigger like the assets.

In the releases we have LITE and Pro built.

LITE Built: you could install the LITE Built into your website totally FREE and No Charge life time, it will have basic functionally and features for your site could work with Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

PRO Built: if you want to have advanced features like migrations (will automatic move your medias to cloud), migration will move your existing medias to your cloud account and update the meta (DB link) for your site. We added two of migration methods:

Move from your hosting media to cloud.

Move from your account to account (this method will migrate the media between your cloud account, from example from Amazon S3 to your Google Cloud Storage Account).

If you have any questions for need support, don’t hesitate to post question to the community forum or contact us.

Find the version you want to install as buttons below: